Iran Prepares Large Scale War Games to Simulate Foreign Attack

Iran Prepares Large Scale War Games to Simulate Foreign Attack | 5-day exercise will simulate attack on nuclear sites

According to top commanders in the Iranian military, the nation will be holding a large-scale five day military exercise beginning Sunday aimed at preparing for the oft-threatened international attack against them.

The exercise, dubbed “Asemane Velayat 1,” will be the largest scale air defense exercise in the nation’s history, and will center around thwarting foreign air strikes against the nation’s civilian nuclear sites.

The drill will not involve any specific enemy but only a hypothetical one, but Israel in particular has regularly threatened to attack Iran and has even gone to great lengths to arrange air corridors for such an attack. The US has also repeatedly brought up the possibility of attacking Iran.

Reports have said Israel had been preparing to launch an attack as soon as next month, and it seems the exercise is in no small part aimed at preparing for that eventuality. Rumors of impending Israelis strikes, fueled by hawkish Israeli officials, have persisted for years, however, so it is unclear if the latest threat is serious or just rhetorical.

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  • Iran will thrive in many fields and their home grown technologies and weaponry will help her to achieve the security that she deserve and needs. The determination that this nation is showing to close the gap between itself and the West is admirable and astonishing. We need to help the Iranians and to drop and resist this forced policy by the Zionists and the Neo-cons that are pushing us to another war. Iran can be and will be a great influence in the region with us or without us and it only make sense to reach a consensus with the Iranians, which will help us and the region to become a more stable part of the world.
    They demonstrated over nad over that they are capable and peace loving people and their current policies has demonstrated that. A friendly relation between Iran and the US is a natural one and it would be a great lose to our national security if not our economy to miss the opportunity to make amend and change our discriminatory and bias policies toward Iran.

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  • Bezze

    Im Ready To Enlist As Soon As The US Is Ready To Wage War.

    • Max Sahba

      I fully and whole heartedly agree with this commenter.

  • xxx

    Yeah, you two bullshitting assholes go and enlist and die for greater Israhell and go to Hell. Oh but wait, they want the stupid goyim to do the paying and the dying for them, as usual.

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