US Envoy Wraps Up Another Round of Failed Peace Talks in Israel

Mitchell Insists Obama 'Determined' to Continue Efforts

US Special Envoy George Mitchell today wrapped up his latest meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and once again failed to obtain any guarantees regarding to settlement freeze or any indication that the right-wing Israeli government was willing to budge an inch to see peace talks resumed.

Though few details of the meetings have been made public, Mitchell appears to have achieved virtually nothing despite nine visits to the Middle East since his January appointment.

Yet Mitchell insists that President Obama is not at all discouraged and remains committed to continuing to press on with the peace process

The Israeli government has repeatedly ruled out anything resembling a freeze on settlement construction, which his been the principle requirement of the Palestinian Authority for negotiations. In addition, last week Israel’s Foreign Minister advised people to “learn to live with” the state of perpetual war, accusing those who expect peace of being “delusional.”

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