Mullen: Surge Won’t Lead to Quick Afghanistan Victory

Admiral Insists 21,000 Extra Troops "Vital," But No Success in Next 24 Months

In yet another case of lowering expectations in the already disastrous US war in Afghanistan, Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen told NBC today that the war “will be a significant engagement for a period of time,” adding “we’re not going to turn it around and succeed in the next 24 months.”

At the same time, Admiral Mullen claimed that the additional 21,000 troops the US intends to send as part of its planned escalation in the nation “are absoutely vital,” and that they would allow the US to hold areas once they are actually cleared of militants. So far though, it seems like the insurgents are taking new areas rather than being cleared out.

Only yesterday General David Petraeus predicted that the situation in Afghanistan will be even more violent this year than it was in 2008, which saw record levels of violence. Admiral Mullen too has repeatedly made similar statements about the situation, which the administration has charitably called a “stalemate.”

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