NATO Developing ‘Land Corridors’ To Rush US Troops to Frontlines in Event of War With Russia

The alliance began drawing up plans for war with Russia in 2023

NATO is developing multiple “land corridors” to rush US troops and armored vehicles to the frontlines of a potential future ground war with Russia in Eastern Europe, The Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Current NATO plans involve US troops landing in ports in the Netherlands and then transported through Germany to Poland, but the alliance is looking to expand the potential routes for US troops to reach the borders of Russia and Ukraine.

Officials told The Telegraph that they want US troops to be able to travel through five different corridors:

  1. Landing in the Netherlands and traveling through Germany to reach Poland
  2. Landing in Italy to travel through Slovenia and Slovakia to reach Hungary
  3. Landing in Greece to travel through Bulgaria to reach Romania
  4. Landing in Turkey to travel through Bulgaria to reach Romania
  5. Landing in Norway to travel through Sweden to reach Finland

The Telegraph report said that under the NATO plan, US troops and vehicles traveling through these countries would not be restricted by local laws, so they could travel quickly. The report said France has complained about its tanks being stuck at foreign borders while trying to deploy to Romania due to bureaucratic processes.

Starting in 2023, NATO has been working on war plans for a potential future conflict with Russia for the first time since the Cold War. The alliance is planning for a possible ground war with Russia despite the obvious risk of any direct NATO-Russia clash quickly escalating into a nuclear exchange.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.