Israeli Forces Kill Five Palestinians Trying To Return to North Gaza

Thousands of Palestinians tried to walk back to the north on Sunday after hearing rumors about Israel letting people get through

Five Palestinians were killed and 52 were wounded on Sunday when Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd trying to return to northern Gaza, The Associated Press reported, citing officials at the Awda Hospital in central Gaza.

Thousands of displaced Palestinians attempted to return to northern Gaza on Sunday after they heard rumors that Israeli forces were allowing people in. But their hopes were dashed as Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd, and the Israeli military issued a new warning not to attempt to make the trek north.

Israeli military spokesman Avichay Adraee wrote on X that northern Gaza is a “dangerous combat zone” and said all displaced Palestinians should stay in the south.

While the UN estimates up to 84% of the homes in northern Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, Palestinians who fled the area six months ago are tired of being displaced and want to return. “We want our homes. We want our lives. We want to return, whether with a truce or without a truce,” said Um Nidhal Khatab, a Palestinian who spoke with AP.

The issue of displaced Palestinians has been a major obstacle in indirect ceasefire negotiations between Hamas and Israel. Hamas wants the free movement of Palestinians in the Strip so those who desire can return north, but Israel has rejected the condition.

Israel has constructed a road separating northern Gaza from the rest of the Strip and plans to maintain military control of the corridor indefinitely, signaling plans for a long-term military occupation.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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