US Approves Transfer of Thousands of More Bombs for Israel

The shipment was approved on Monday, the same day Israel killed seven aid workers and bombed Iran's consulate in Syria

The Biden administration approved another weapons package for Israel this week that includes thousands of bombs as US military aid continues to flow unimpeded to support the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

A Biden administration official told Reuters that arms shipment includes 1,000 MK82 500-pound bombs, more than 1,000 small-diameter bombs, and fuses for MK80 bombs. The bombs will be delivered by the end of the year.

The bombs were approved on Monday, the same day Israel bombed Iran’s consulate in Syria and killed aid workers who were employed by the World Central Kitchen. The Seven WCK workers, including an American citizen, were killed by three Israeli missile strikes while traveling a route pre-approved by the Israeli military.

Last week, Biden approved new munition shipments to Israel, including 2,000-pound bombs, and an F-35 deal worth $2.5 billion. He is expected to approve another major arms deal that includes 50 F-15 fighter jets and will be worth $18 billion.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said Thursday that the death toll in the US-backed Israeli campaign has surpassed 33,000, which includes about 14,500 children. The figure is considered a low estimate since it doesn’t include thousands who are dead under the rubble.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.