Israeli Embassies Around the World Put on High Alert Over Potential Iran Retaliation

Israel denied reports that it was evacuating embassies

Israeli embassies around the world have been put on high alert as Israel is bracing for potential retaliation for bombing Iran’s consulate building next to its embassy in Damascus, Syria.

Sources told The Jerusalem Post that some Israeli ambassadors had been warned not to attend public events due to concerns about their safety. The Israeli Foreign Ministry denied earlier reports that said Israel was evacuating many of its embassies around the world.

The Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate marked a huge escalation in Israel’s targeting of Iranians and killed seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including a senior Quds force commander and another general.

Israel frequently kills Iranians in Syria or carries out covert attacks inside Iran, including assassinations, drone attacks, and sabotage at nuclear sites. Iran’s responses to Israeli attacks are usually very restrained, if they respond at all. But the brazen attack on an Iranian diplomatic facility could provoke something more significant.

Reuters cited an unnamed Iranian official who said Tehran would have to give a serious response but also said it would still be limited and aimed at deterrence.

A major response or direct attack on Israeli territory could be exactly what Israel wants since it appears to be trying to provoke a major regional war to get the US to intervene directly. Iran has been clear that it does not want war with the US or to be involved in any other major conflict.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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