Israel, US Brace for Potential Iranian Retaliation for Syria Consulate Bombing

Israeli media reports Israel is preparing for a direct Iranian attack

The US and Israel are bracing for potential Iranian retaliation for the Israeli bombing of Iran’s consulate building in Damascus, which killed seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including a senior Quds Force commander and another general.

Israel frequently kills Iranians in Syria and conducts covert attacks inside Iran, but the attack on the Iranian consulate marked a huge escalation in its campaign against Tehran. Iran is usually very restrained in its response to Israeli attacks, but according to Al Mayadeen, Israel’s Channel 13 reported that Israel is preparing for a direct Iranian attack.

Israeli security sources said they believed Iran was “determined to respond more than ever before.” Israel’s Channel 12 reported that Israel is at its highest state of alert in preparation for a potential attack.

A direct Iranian attack could be exactly what Israel wants since it appears to be trying to provoke a major regional war in hopes that the US would get directly involved.

The US has denied any role in the Israeli attack on a diplomatic facility, but Iranian officials have said the US must be held “accountable” for its military support for Israel. According to AP, the US provides Israel with about 70% of its weapons imports and funds 15% of its military budget. The Israeli attack on the embassy appeared to be carried out using US-provided aircraft and munitions.

By the US’s own logic, its support for Israel is enough to blame it for the consulate bombing. The US said Iran was responsible for attacks on US troops by Iraqi Shia militias because Iran armed the groups despite the lack of any evidence of direct Iranian involvement.

Iran pressured the militias to stop attacks on US bases after three Americans were killed in a drone attack on Tower 22, and US military officials are warning that Tehran could give them the green light to restart the operations after the consulate bombing.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.