Pro-Palestinian Protests Disrupt Major Biden Campaign Event

Hundreds of Demonstrators at the multi-million dollar fundraiser, which featured former Presidents Obama and Clinton, interrupted a major event for Biden’s reelection campaign

Pro-Palestinian activists surrounded the Radio City Music Hall in New York City as President Joe Biden hosted one of his most prominent campaign events featuring his two Democratic predecessors. Inside the hall, protesters disrupted the speeches criticizing Biden’s unyielding support for Israel.

Thursday night’s event raised a record-setting $26 million for the president and featured celebrities such as Stephen Colbert and Lizzo. In footage from the venue, a female protester interrupts the president, shouting, “Shame on you Joe Biden. You are funding genocide in Palestine,” before being forcibly removed from the theater.

At least two other instances of protesters denouncing Biden took place in the Radio City Music Hall, one saying, “Palestinians are dying right now because of your actions,” as another held up a Palestinian flag.

Outside, the city of New York deployed scores of police officers to the streets, where hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered and chanted, “Genocide Joe has got to go.” There was some pushing between activists, police, and pro-Israeli demonstrators.

Antiwar protests have become increasingly common at political events across the country as Israel’s bombardment of Gaza nears its sixth month. President Biden has been confronted by protesters calling him “Genocide Joe” at least a dozen times. Additionally, top American officials and other elected politicians have faced similar charges from constituents who are opposed to US funding and military support of Israel.

Washington is Tel Aviv’s most important backer, supplying $3.8 billion in military aid every year while providing 70% of the country’s arms imports. As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uses a strategy in Gaza that relies heavily on munitions, Tel Aviv has become more dependent on the US for the bombs and shells needed to continue its war in the Strip.

Still, the White House has refused to use any of its significant leverage to press Israel to allow more aid into Gaza or to end the military campaign.

With American-provided weapons, Israel has worked to utterly destroy Gaza, with at least 32,000 people dead, most of the infrastructure destroyed, and more than one million Palestinians on the brink of famine.

Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor of, news editor of the Libertarian Institute, and co-host of Conflicts of Interest.