Pentagon in Early Talks on Funding Gaza ‘Peacekeeping’ Force

US officials told POLITICO that the proposal wouldn't involve US boots on the ground, but the force could be 'multinational'

US officials are in preliminary talks about ways to stabilize a post-war Gaza, including a proposal for the Pentagon to fund a “peacekeeping” force, POLITICO reported on Thursday.

US officials told the outlet that the proposal doesn’t involve US boots on the ground but could be a multinational force or Palestinian-led. Officials said it could be weeks or months before any plan is approved, but it might be even longer since there’s no end to the Israeli siege in sight.

The report said any regional countries that might be involved in the multinational force want Israel to commit to a two-state solution before seriously discussing plans for a post-war Gaza. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his government, and the Israeli Knesset have also expressed strong opposition to a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu has also unveiled a plan for a post-war Gaza that includes Israel maintaining the freedom to operate in the Strip without a time limit, which requires a long-term military occupation. The US claims it opposes an Israeli occupation but continues to back the Israeli military as it is carrying out a plan to create a “buffer zone” along the border that will take 16% of Gaza’s land.

The POLITICO report said that Israel is “reluctant” to have conversations about the future situation in Gaza as it continues its military operations, which have killed over 32,000 Palestinians, including over 13,000 children. Both numbers are considered low estimates as thousands more are buried under the rubble.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.