Biden Donors Warn ‘Unconditional Support’ for Israel Could Cost Election

About 10% of Democratic primary voters expressed their opposition to Biden's backing of the slaughter in Gaza by voting 'uncommitted'

A group of more than 100 Democratic donors sent a letter to President Biden this week warning him that his “unconditional support” for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza could cost him the election to former President Trump.

The letter said that likely Biden voters “are now questioning whether the Democratic Party shares their values. If they stay home or vote for a third-party candidate, there is the very real danger that President Biden will be defeated in November.”

The New York Times obtained the letter and said a handful of its signatories had donated six-figure sums to President Biden’s 2020 and 2024 campaigns, demonstrating the opposition to his support for Israel is not just among the average progressive-leaning Democratic voter.

“The Biden administration has been providing armaments, including 2,000-pound bombs which have been used to flatten entire civilian neighborhoods, causing massive casualties with a high ratio of women and children. President Biden has asked Netanyahu to minimize civilian casualties but has threatened no consequences as Netanyahu has continued to ignore him,” the letter reads.

Democratic voters expressed their opposition to Biden’s support for Israel’s brutal campaign by voting “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary in states where that option is available. According to the Times, 10% of primary voters cast ballots for “uncommitted,” including over 100,000 people in the swing state of Michigan.

Biden has faced a series of protests at campaign events, where demonstrators have called him “Genocide Joe.” In response, his campaign has taken measures to avoid pro-Palestinian protesters, including making rallies smaller, avoiding colleges, and not informing the public of the location of some events.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.