Former US Middle East Commander Says Israel’s Success in Gaza Is ‘Very Limited’

Hamas is re-establishing itself in north Gaza and Israel is struggling to destroy the vast tunnel network under the Strip

Retired US Marines Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie, former commander of US Central Command, described Israel’s success in Gaza as “very limited,” noting Israel has failed to dismantle the Palestinian group’s military and political leadership.

McKenzie, who retired from his post at CENTCOM in 2022, made the comments while appearing on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. When asked about the level of Israel’s success, McKenzie said, “It’s very limited so far.”

“I think they set themselves a goal of removing the political echelon, and the military leadership echelon of Hamas, when they went in. They have not been successful to date at doing either,” he said.

His comments come as Hamas is reestablishing itself in northern Gaza, where Israel claimed it had eliminated the Palestinian group’s military structure. Israel is also struggling to destroy Hamas’s vast tunnel network under Gaza, which is much larger than Israel initially thought.

Military situation in Gaza on February 5, 2024 (

McKenzie suggested Israel had not thought of what its end game in Gaza was going to be before launching the operation, which has killed over 27,000 Palestinians, including over 11,500 children.

“You need a vision of an end state when you begin a military campaign, because everything you do then subtracts or adds to your ability to get to that point. And I would argue that needs to be something like a two-state solution,” McKenzie said. “You’re gonna need help from the Arab nations in the region to go in there and- and do something in- in Gaza. I think Israeli occupation would be the least desirable of all outcomes.”

Despite the lack of a realistic goal and the massive civilian casualty rate, the Biden administration continues to provide unconditional support for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. The administration wants Congress to approve a massive military aid spending bill that includes $14 billion for Israel.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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