Internal State Department Memo Says US Is Supporting Israeli War Crimes

There is significant opposition to the US backing of Israel's war at lower levels in the State Department

A State Department dissent memo obtained by Axios slams President Biden’s support for Israel’s war in Gaza, saying the US is backing Israeli “war crimes.”

The memo was signed by 100 State Department and USAID employees and says the US should reassess its policy toward Israel and call for a ceasefire in Gaza, where over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel unleashed its bombing campaign.

According to Axios, the memo was organized by a foreign affairs officer who previously said on social media that President Biden is “complicit in Genocide” by supporting Israel’s war.

The memo says Israel’s actions “all constitute war crimes and/or crimes against humanity under international law” and criticizes the US for doubling “down on our unwavering military assistance to the (Israeli government) without clear or actionable redlines.”

President Biden was targeted in the memo for “spreading misinformation” and “questioning the number of deaths” coming from Gaza’s Health Ministry. Since Biden accused the Palestinians of lying about the death toll, a senior State Department official said the number is actually likely higher than what’s being reported.

“Members of the White House and (the National Security Council) displayed a clear disregard for the lives of Palestinians, a documented unwillingness to de-escalate, and, even prior to October 7, a reckless lack of strategic foresight,” the memo reads.

The memo was submitted to the State Department on November 3 through the dissent channel that was established during the Vietnam War to give diplomats a way to criticize policy. It’s the latest sign of the significant opposition to Biden’s full-throated support for Israel within the State Department.

Last week, POLITICO reported on a separate dissent memo that called for the US to push for a ceasefire and for Biden administration officials to publicly criticize Israel’s tactics. HuffPost reported earlier that a “mutiny” was brewing within the State Department.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.