Netanyahu Says Biden Pledged to Help Continue War on Gaza

Biden says he'll ask Congress for an 'unprecedented' military aid package to support Israel's Gaza onslaught

After meeting with President Biden on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he secured a pledge that the US would help Israel continue its bombardment of Gaza.

“We agreed on actions and deeds that ensure the continuation of our just war. We agreed on cooperation that will change the balance on all fronts, and help us to achieve the war aims,” Netanyahu said, according to The Times of Israel.

Netanyahu said the US and Israel “are working together to secure the release of the hostages by all means possible.” He also said Israel has secured a “massive, unprecedented” military aid package.

Biden has already departed Israel but made similar comments while he was there. He promised to ask Congress for an “unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense.” The New York Times recently reported Israel requested an additional $10 billion in military aid, which the White House wants to roll into a massive spending bill that also includes funds for Ukraine in Taiwan.

Also on Wednesday, Benny Gantz, a former Israeli Defense Minister who is a minister in a wartime cabinet that was formed last week, said the war in Gaza will last months. “It will take a long time. The war in the south — and if need be also in the north or anywhere else — might take months, and the rebuilding will take years,” Gantz said.

Biden delivered a speech while he was in Israel and said the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel was worse than 9/11. “Since this terrorist attack took place, we have seen it described as Israel’s 9/11.  But for a nation the size of Israel, it was like 15 9/11s,” he said.

Biden urged Israel to show some caution in its response, saying, “I caution this: While you feel that rage, don’t be consumed by it.” But the US has made clear that its support for Israel in the war is unconditional.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.