Ukraine Receives $1.15 Billion in Direct Budgetary Aid from US

The aid funds government services and salaries

Ukraine on Wednesday received a $1.15 billion tranche of direct budgetary aid from the US that’s disbursed through the World Bank.

The budgetary aid the US has been providing Ukraine funds government services and salaries, subsidizes small businesses, pays farmers, and provides other types of economic support.

According to Ukraine’s Finance Ministry, the country has received $10.9 billion in direct budget support from the US in 2023. Since Russia invaded in February 2022, the US has provided Ukraine with a total of $22.9 billion in budgetary aid.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the US was running out of money to fund the Ukrainian government. The report said after the $1.15 billion tranche was disbursed for the month of October, there would be nothing left.

Congress is expected to authorize more Ukraine aid soon, but if there’s a long delay, it’s not clear how Ukraine will be able to fund its government. The EU is providing significant economic assistance but has acknowledged it cannot fill the gaps that would be left if US aid dried up.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.