Pentagon Error Overvalued Weapons Sent to Ukraine by $3 Billion

The error means the US will have more funds to ship arms to Ukraine

According to a report from Reuters, the Pentagon overestimated the value of military equipment it sent to Ukraine by $3 billion, meaning the US could ship even more weapons to the country.

Two unnamed Pentagon officials said the error was assigning a higher value to weapons the US has shipped to Ukraine from US military stockpiles. “We’ve discovered inconsistencies in how we value the equipment that we’ve given,” one official told Reuters.

The officials said that the value that was being assigned to the arms was based on what it would cost to replace them, not their current value after depreciation.

Congress was notified of the error on Thursday. Changing the value of the arms will give the Biden administration more funds to work with and means the White House could delay asking Congress to authorize more funding to spend on the war.

POLITICO reported Monday that funding to ship weapons to Ukraine could dry up by mid-Summer and that the administration was preparing to ask Congress for more. But changing the value could give them more time.

So far, the US has authorized about $113 billion to spend on the war in Ukraine, which includes military aid, direct budgetary aid, training, funding for US troop deployments in Eastern Europe, and other types of assistance.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.