White House Asks Congress for $14 Billion To Fund Its War Against Russia

It would bring the total funds authorized for the war in Ukraine to $67 billion if approved

The Joe Biden administration requested another massive infusion of cash for its war against Russia. The latest short-term spending proposal seeks nearly $14 billion for weapons and economic assistance for Ukraine. Since Russia invaded Ukraine six months ago, the US has sent Kiev tens of billions in weapons and direct economic assistance.

On Friday, the White House asked Congress to approve $13.7 billion in funds to confront Russia in Ukraine as part of a short-term spending package. The Biden administration’s total request is $47.1 billion for a wide array of issues, including Covid, Monkeypox, disaster relief, and the war in Ukraine.

The White House largely supported Kiev’s war effort by transferring arms owned by the Department of Defense to Ukraine’s military. Within the $14 billion for Ukraine, over half will go to buy weapons. $4.5 billion will go towards the Department of Defense replenishing American stockpiles.

The Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) allows the president to make the transfers without Congressional oversight. However, Congress authorized additional funds for the PDA in the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill passed earlier this year. Now, sources in the Pentagon are reporting that Biden’s prolific use of the PDA to arm Ukraine has started to deplete American stockpiles.

The latest spending proposal asks for an additional $2.7 billion in military and intelligence support for Ukraine and $4.5 billion in direct economic support for the government in Kiev. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion, Congress has authorized $53 billion in funding for the war in Ukraine. If passed, the latest aid package will bring the total to about $67 billion.

In addition to the $11.7 billion to support Ukraine’s war effort, the proposal includes $2 billion to fund the White House’s economic war against Russia. $1.5 billion will be spent on uranium to be used as nuclear fuel. $500 million will go towards upgrading the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Washington says it is in the middle of an energy war with Moscow. In Europe, gas prices are ten times the average, while the Ruble has strengthened against the dollar.

Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor of Antiwar.com, news editor of the Libertarian Institute, and co-host of Conflicts of Interest.