Not Invited: Targeted. NATO Excluded Belarus, Russia from 32-Nation Partnership Meeting.

Lieutenant Hans-Werner Wiermann, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff, held a meeting of NATO partner states – the first in-person one since the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak – at the military alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on July 14.

The get-together was designed to evaluate the results of the June 14 NATO summit and to enhance existing military partnership programs, of which NATO has several throughout the world.

The German military officer became his nation’s representative to NATO and the European Union in 2015 and four years later was appointed NATO’s Director General International Military Staff. He highlighted cooperation between the 30 members of NATO and its partners during the current pandemic, and the participants – all military representatives – analyzed the NATO 2030 agenda published in advance of this year’s summit.

The NATO heads of state and government gathered for the summit stressed, Wiermann said, the need to “enhance existing relations with Partners as well as develop new partnerships around the world, including in Africa, Asia and Latin America.” As Europe and North America are already NATO-subjugated territory, the bloc has charted out the rest of the world for the expansion of its influence, presence and activity.

The new chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Bauer, added, “We face many of the same security challenges, so it makes sense to tackle them together.”

During the height of the war in Afghanistan when NATO had over 100,000 troops from more than 50 nations serving under its command, the military bloc held meetings of chiefs of defense staff (CHODS) at its headquarters with the military heads of almost 70 nations.

The international community is either completely unaware of or has become acclimatized to much of the world being enmeshed in a global U.S.-dominated military network under the NATO aegis. There has never been anything even remotely comparable to it in history. It represents a military alliance of an order of magnitude hitherto unimaginable. All the belligerent nations in World War I and World War II together are a fraction of NATO’s thirty members and forty partners and more in the offing.

The last sentence in the report of the above event on the NATO webpage reads: “All partners from the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council [Partnership for Peace], the Mediterranean Dialogue, the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and the Partners across the globe framework were invited to this meeting with the exception of Russia and Belarus.”

Author: Rick Rozoff

Rick Rozoff has been involved in anti-war and anti-interventionist work in various capacities for forty years. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. He is the manager of Stop NATO. This originally appeared at Anti-Bellum.