US Blocks UN Security Council From Condemning Libyan Migrant Center Airstrike

UN Reports Migrants Being Fired On as They Fled From Airstrike

The UN security council has failed to condemn an airstrike on Libya’s capital city of Tripoli that killed at least 53 civilians on Tuesday when it hit a migrant detention center. The DW reported the U.S. prevented the 15-member Security Council from issuing a statement.

The security council condemnation of the attack would have also called for a ceasefire in Tripoli if passed.

The UN backed government in Tripoli blamed rebel leader former Gen. Khalifa Hafter for the airstrike, who has been carrying out a months-long bombardment on the capital. Hafter denied responsibility for the attack, although he did claim responsibility for an airstrike on a nearby military facility.

On Thursday, the UN said it had information that Libyan guards fired on refugees and migrants trying to flee from the airstrike. It is not clear at this time whether it was Hafter’s forces, the UN backed unity government forces or a third party who fired on the migrants.

Hafter is a former CIA asset and US citizen, who President Trump has expressed admiration for in a recent phone call in April. After his conversation with Trump, Hafter hired a lobbying firm in Washington to assist with "international coalition building."

The airstrike comes right after US made weapons were found in one of Hafter’s military bases.

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Author: Dave DeCamp

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