Stop the NSA – Call the Congress Now!

Edward Snowden’s sacrifice was not in vain – because many thousands in the United States are rising to take up the battle he started. And they mean to win.

At the head of the libertarian army that’s storming the gates of the Leviathan: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan), a Ron Paul Republican – and he has the statist Establishment of both parties scrambling to block his amendment to the 2014 defense appropriations bill, the LIBERT-E Act, (H.R. 2399, the Limiting Internet and Blanket Electronic Review of Telecommunications and Email Act) which would outlaw the National Security Agency’s data dragnet, amending the Patriot Act to limit data collection to specific US citizens under active investigation. The bill also requires that secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court opinions be made available to Congress and declassified summaries of the opinions be made available to the public. With Democrat John Conyers signed on as a co-sponsor, and 32 members of Congress from both parties on board, Rep. Amash has thrown a real monkey wrench into the campaign to minimize and whitewash the vast and unaccountable surveillance system secretly set up by the NSA.

Nothing less than the future of the republic is at stake in this fight. Which is why a broad coalition of libertarians, liberals, and conservatives is mobilizing to pass the LIBERT-E Act. The vote is very likely coming up on Wednesday – that’s tomorrow. So please – call your congressional representative.

Don’t know what number to call? Find out here.

When you call, specific that you are urging a vote for H.R. 2399, an amendment to the defense appropriations bill, that would scale back the powers of the NSA. Be nice, and be brief.