Israeli Opposition Leader Slams Netanyahu for “Creating a Panic” for War on Iran

Shaul Mofaz condemned Netanyahu for "executing a dangerous and irresponsible" rally "for a premature military adventure" against Iran.

Israel’s Kadima party leader Shaul Mofaz made a statement on Thursday railing against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of “creating a panic” and “executing a dangerous and irresponsible” rally “for a premature military adventure” against Iran.

In remarks during a session at the Knesset, Mofaz, with whom Netanyahu tried to form a coalition earlier this year, addressed the Prime Minister, saying, “You are headed for a rash confrontation at an unnecessary cost while abandoning the home front. Over the past few months, Israel has waged an extensive and relentless PR campaign with the sole objective of preparing the ground for a premature military adventure.”

The calls for war from Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Ehud Barak have intensified in recent weeks, only to be rebuffed by the Obama administration who has reiterated several times that Iran still does not have a nuclear weapons program.

“This PR campaign,” Mofaz continued, “threatens to weaken our deterrence, and our relations with our best friends. Mr. prime minister, you want a crude, rude, unprecedented, reckless, and risky intervention in the US elections. Tell us who you serve and for what? Why are you putting your hand deep into the ballot boxes of the American electorate?

Mofaz condemned the Prime Minister’s cabinet for “making threats and sowing the seeds of fear and terror. Mr. prime minister, you are playing a dangerous and irresponsible game with the future of an entire nation.”

“Mr. prime minister, you’re creating panic. You are trying to frighten us and terrify us. And in truth – we are scared: scared by your lack of judgment, scared that you both lead and don’t lead, scare that you are executing a dangerous and irresponsible policy.

Mofaz also warned of the possible retaliation Israeli civilians would face in the event of an unprovoked attack on Iran for a nuclear weapons program it doesn’t have. His firm criticisms serve as a reminder that much of the political spectrum in Israel, along with the great bulk of the Israeli defense establishment, vehemently disagree with Netanyahu’s drive for war.

Author: John Glaser

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