Deadly Attack on Pakistani Base Due to U.S. “Errors”

A Pakistani official has claimed that U.S. officers gave the wrong coordinates when seeking permission to engage

The unprovoked U.S. attack on a Pakistani military border post last week occurred due to “errors” by U.S. officers, who allegedly gave the wrong coordinates to Pakistani counterparts when seeking clearance to strike.

A senior Pakistani military officer has claimed that a border co-ordination unit – established to avoid friendly fire between the U.S. and Pakistan – was given incorrect details for the location of a suspected Taliban position.

“The strike had begun before we realized the target was a border post,” he said. “The Americans say we gave them clearance but they gave us the wrong information.” American officials have not denied this story.

The mistake resulted in the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by an American strike, and subsequent chaos for the already precarious U.S.-Pakistan relationship. The U.S. military and political leadership has expressed regret, but has refused to apologize for the accidental killing.

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for