Radical Kurd Group Claims Recent Bombings In Turkey

Relatively unknown Kurdistan Freedom Falcons takes credit for recent attacks in Turkish capital and tourist town.

A radical offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) says it is responsible for two recent bomb attacks in Turkey. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (T.A.K.) claimed bombings in the cities of Ankara and Kemer. They warned that more attacks are to follow.

It is not clear if the T.A.K. is completely independent, formed from disgruntled P.K.K. members, or is even a false front for the older group. The P.K.K., however, has publicly distanced itself from the T.A.K. and their more aggressive tactics, such as staging bomb attacks in tourist areas. The T.A.K., nevertheless, swears allegiance to imprisoned P.K.K. leader Abdullah Ă–calan. Both groups are seeking increased autonomy for Kurds within Turkey. The P.K.K. has been fighting its guerilla war since 1984, while the T.A.K. came to light only five years ago.

New attacks in the last day were also blamed on Kurdish rebels. In one incident, gunmen killed one policeman and wounded three others, including civilians, during an attack in Diyarbakir. And yesterday, an ambush in Van province left a soldier and two village guards dead.

Turkey continued its air strikes in northern Iraq, but troops have also been seen massing in the border areas. A week ago Turkish and Iraqi officials met to discuss the possibility of grounds troops entering nothern Iraq, where the P.K.K. is based. Still, there is a remote possibility that secret talks will lead to a more peaceful resolution.