Abbas Ready to Accept US Statehood Veto

Promises continued cooperation, despite a looming US veto

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that he is prepared to accept the Obama administration’s expected veto of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations next month, saying he will “continue to cooperate with the Americans” even if that happens.

Palestinian leaders have said that more than 120 countries are supporting Palestinian recognition at the U.N. in September, but the measure may never come before the full U.N. body because it would likely have to be approved by the Security Council first, where aU.S. veto would derail it.

Despite explicit U.S. opposition to Palestine’s statehood bid and continued support for Israeli actions in the occupied territories, Abbas refused to write the Obama administration off, saying ““We don’t want to boycott Americans. At the same time, they will not boycott us.” He added “They help us, work with us.”

This kind of diplomacy lies in stark contrast to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indignant reaction in May to Obama’s reiteration of the 1967 borders as a foundation for peace talks. Many were surprised as Netanyahu made headlines deriding Obama’s unsupportive stance, and others criticized him for “throwing Israel under the bus.”

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for