Bomb Blast in Pakistani Hotel Kills 15

Nationalist group, Baloch Liberation Tiger, claims responsibility; no US connection

A bomb blast at a hotel close to Dera Allah Yar in Pakistan killed at least 15 people and wounded dozens of others on Sunday. The explosion reduced the two-story building to rubble and Pakistani authorities continue a rescue effort for possible survivors buried under the debris.

Police have taken four people into custody who had tea in the hotel’s restaurant and left just before the bomb went off. A little-known organisation, the nationalist Baloch Liberation Tiger (BLT), claimed the responsibility for the attack, which was strategically timed to take place on Pakistani Independence Day. A spokesman for the group called a local news organization soon after the remote-controlled bomb exploded to explain that members of BLT had planted the bomb inside the hotel.

Both separatist insurgents and Islamist militants linked to the Taliban have been active in Baluchistan, but no al Qaeda or Taliban link is apparent and no discernible anti-American motivations are behind the attack. The spokesman who claimed responsibility said his organization would target those who celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan.

In an attempted attack possibly connected to the same group, police responded to a tip-off and defused a 10kg explosive on a nearby gas field.


Author: John Glaser

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