70 Killed in Munitions Factory Bombing: Taliban Spokesman Cites Bajaur Fighting as Cause

Last Updated 8/21 8:00 PM EST

Local authorities report that over 200,000 people have been displaced in Pakistan’s tiny Bajaur Agency. This staggering amount represents approximately a third of the agency’s overall population as of the most recent census.

On Tuesday, airstrikes killed 14 suspected militants and 8 civilians. On Wednesday, locals reported another 14 militants and 3 women killed. Meanwhile, the Tehreek-in-Taliban took credit for the suicide bombing of a Pakistani hospital, killing 32 and injuring 55 others.

In a statement, the Taliban spokesman warned of future attacks on government and military installations if the offensive in Bajaur and the rest of the Swat Valley is not stopped.

The following day, twin suicide bombers struck Pakistan’s largest military munitions plant in Wah, killing at least 70 and injuring 80 others. Taliban spokesman Maulvi Omar claimed credit for the blast, declaring “It was because of what’s happening in Bajaur,” and promising yet more attacks if the offensive doesn’t cease.

The Pakistani military announced its Bajaur military operation earlier this month, and last week dropped pamphlets ordering civilians to leave Taliban dominated areas.

compiled by Jason Ditz

Author: Eric Garris

Eric Garris is webmaster and managing editor of Antiwar.com.