Defense Secretary Seeks Deeper US Involvement in Yemen War
Mattis Urges US Military Involvement Against Shi'ite Houthis
Syria Threatens Scud Strikes If Israel Attacks Again
Warning Issued Through Russian Mediator
US Troops Capture Syrian Military Airbase Near Raqqa
Civilians Flee City of Tabqa as US Escalates Airstrikes
Airstrike Outside Damascus Kills 16 Civilians
Attack Targets Rebel-Held Suburb
Trump Gave Merkel $375 Billion ‘Invoice’ for NATO Expenses
German Officials Slam Attempt to 'Intimidate' Chancellor
US Airstrikes Killed Nearly 300 Civilians in Mosul
Pentagon Confirms Hitting Site, Says Iraq Asked Them To
Iraq Pauses Mosul Invasion, Citing ‘Catastrophic’ Civilian Toll
US Strikes Add to Soaring Humanitarian Crisis
US Sends More Combat Troops to Mosul in Latest Escalation
Aims to Speed Up Mostly Stalled Invasion of City's West
Mattis: US Troops Need to Stay in Iraq for ‘Years’
Insists Keeping Troops in Iraq Is in the 'National Interest'
Iraqi Civilians Continue to Flee Mosul, Facing Danger and Uncertainty
Iraqi Military Talks Up 'Fresh Push' in Invasion of Western Mosul