Turkey Slams US After Erdogan Bodyguards’ Brawl
Says US Should've Prevented 'Provocative' Kurdish Protest
US, Gulf States Sign Agreement Aimed at Blocking Terror Financing
White House Says It Makes All Signatories Individually Responsible for Prosecutions
US Confirms $350 Billion Arms Deal Reached With Saudis on Trump Visit
Decade-Long Deal Largest in US History
After Decisive Reelection, Rouhani Pushes More Diplomacy With the West
Says His Reelection Proves Iran Wants More Openness
Israeli Police Evict Old City Residents Ahead of Trump Visit
Several Stores to Be Closed Throughout Visit
ISIS Executes 19, Including Civilians, in Eastern Syria
ISIS Captured US-Backed Rebels in Fighting in Deir Ezzor Villages
Israel Made Goodwill Gestures to Palestinians at Trump’s Behest
Jewish Home Cabinet Members Oppose Moves
Surprise Taliban Attack Kills 25 Police in Southern Afghanistan
Local Officials Say Fighting Continues
ISIS Bombs Kill 20 Rival Islamists in Northern Syria
Attack Targeted a Headquarters for Ahrar al-Sham
Iraq Special Forces Declare Victory in Mosul, But ISIS Remains
Officials Say ISIS Still Controls Much of Old City