Trump Inauguration Address Centers on Fighting Islamic Terror
Vows to Unite the Civilized World to Eradicate 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'
Denmark to Send Special Forces to Syria
Parliament Approves Deployment of Up to 60 Ground Troops
ISIS Shifts Focus to Syria as They Lose Ground in Iraq
Deir Ezzor Offensive Seen as Effort to Shore Up Control in Syria's East
CIA Is Directorless as Senators Block Pompeo Vote
Senate Dems Argue Pompeo Confirmation 'Rushed'
Russia, Syria Sign Deal to Expand Tartus Naval Base
Agreement Sets Stage for Major Modernization Project
Pentagon: Over 100 al-Qaeda Killed in Airstrike in North Syria
Attack Targeted 'Training Camp' in Idlib Province
Syrian Rebels Enter Peace Talks Deeply Divided
Turkey-Backed Rebels Dominate Delegation Attending Talks
Trump Hypes Missile Defense Systems Targeting Iran, North Korea
Offers No Details on Whether These Are Even New Systems
Obama’s Drone Report Omits Civilians Slain in Iraq, Afghanistan
Claims Only One Civilian Killed All Year as a Result
Trump’s Transition May Struggle as Officials Decline Request to Stay On
Many Positions Remain Unfilled, Pending Confirmation Votes