US ‘Scolds’ Russia, Denies Claims of Talks on Joint Syria Operations
State Department Demands Russia Force Syria to Stop Airstrikes
Iraq PM Claims ‘Big Successes’ as Troops Shell Central Fallujah
Clashes Reported in Suburbs of Major ISIS City
Afghan Govt Funding Taliban Splinter Group to ‘Sew Rifts’
Splinter Group Accuses Pakistan of Making Up Claim as 'Propaganda'
Afghans Brace for Surge in Violence After US Kills Taliban Leader
Pentagon Claims Taliban Leader 'Posed Threat to US Troops'
Shura Council Meets as Another Taliban Leadership Battle Looms
Mohammad Yaqoob, Sirajuddin Haqqani Seen as Front-Runners
Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 45 Army Recruits in Yemen’s Aden
At Least 60 Others Wounded in Multiple Bombings
ISIS Bombs Syrian Coastal Cities: 148 Killed
Attacks Targeted Civilians in Cities With Major Russian Bases
Report: US Warns Lieberman ‘Complicates’ New Israel Aid Deal
White House Says Cooperation Won't Be Impacted
Iraq Denies Using Live Ammunition After Shooting Protesters Dead in Baghdad
At Least Four Protesters Killed, Over 100 Wounded in Friday Crackdowns
Taliban Infiltrators Kill Six Afghan Police, Seize Weapons
Taliban Claims 'Thousands' of Defectors in Afghan Security Forces