Inquiry Rejects Torture, Murder Allegations Against British Troops
British Judge Declares Gravest Allegations an Iraqi Plot
Monitor: Majority of Slain in Syrian Civil War Were Pro-Assad Fighters
Over 120,000 Assad Fighters Slain
US Drone Strike Kills 11, Including Pakistani Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan
Drone Targeted Pickup Truck in Nangarhar Province
Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria Plummet as Targets Dry Up
Officials: Not Many Stationary Targets Remain
Palestine, Jordan Submit Resolution for UN Vote
Diplomats Hope Watered Down Alternative Will Stop US Veto
Obama: US Re-Establishing Relations With Cuba
Will Reopen Embassy in Havana After Prisoner Release
Report: US Ground Troops Clash With ISIS in Iraq’s Anbar Province
US Troops Joined 'Counter-Attack' Against ISIS Near Base
Pakistani Taliban Kills 160, Mostly Children, in School Attack
Pakistan PM Vows Revenge After Peshawar Massacre
Iraq FM: China Offered Airstrikes Against ISIS
Claims Chinese Officials Approached Them in September
Australia Refused Iran’s Previous Attempts to Extradite Sydney Attacker
Iran Sought Monis on Fraud Charges in the Late 1990s.