Senate Plans to Vote on Montenegro’s NATO Membership Next Week
Procedural Vote Set for Monday, Roll Call Vote to Follow
Judge Seeks to Consolidate 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia
Over a Dozen Lawsuits Filed Based on Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act
British-Born 52-Year-Old Identified as London Attacker
Masood Had a Long History of Violent Crime
Nine Afghan Policeman Killed in Insider Attack
Attacker Took All the Weapons From the Post
US General: Russia ‘Perhaps’ Supplying Taliban
Offers No Evidence or Details of What He's Actually Alleging
Syrian Military Aims for Counterattack Against Rebels in Hama
Hopes to Recover 11 Towns and Villages Lost in Recent days
UN Warns Worst Is Yet to Come With 400,000 Civilians Trapped in Western Mosul
Those Who Manage to Flee Find Refugee Camps Full
Child Victims of Mosul Overwhelm Emergency Hospital
Fighting, Airstrikes in Densely Populated City Leave Locals Exposed
Taliban Captures Strategically Important Sangin District in Southern Afghanistan
Pentagon Downplays Afghan Losses, Insists Forces Are Still There
Reports: US Airstrikes Killed 230 Civilians in Mosul Overnight
Over 130 Civilians Killed in Attack on a Single Building in Western Mosul