ISIS Kills 30 Syrian Troops in Latest Push Against Gas Field
Valuable Gas Field Has Been Contested Repeatedly
Hagel Affirms Quarantine for All Returning Troops From Ebola Operation
Thousands of Troops Will Be Placed in Quarantine
Egypt Junta Demolishes Sinai Homes for ‘Buffer Zone’
Aims to Prevent Hamas Smuggling Weapons Out of Gaza
Officials: US Attacks on ‘Khorasan’ Failed
Leaders of Group Still Live, Actively Plotting
NATO Claims Spike in Russian Military Flights Around Europe
No Actual Violations of NATO Airspace, Officials Admit
ISIS Executes 46 Surrendered Tribal Fighters in Iraq
Largest Execution Yet in Anbar Province
Unclassified White House Computers Hacked, Officials Blame Russia
Offers No Specific Details Why They're Blaming Russia
Iraqi Peshmerga En Route to Kobani, Officials Confirm
Troops Entered Turkey Earlier Today, Will Reach Kobani Overnight
US Military Intervention Not a Cure for Ebola, Experts Warn
Limits to What US Troops Can Actually Do
US Ramping Up Security After Ottawa Shooting
DHS Says Precautionary Steps Taken Nationwide