Trump Administration Sends Conflicting Messages on Future of US-Russia Ties
Better Ties? Some Say Yes, Some Say No, Trump Won't Say At All
Pentagon: ISIS Administrators Fleeing Capital of Raqqa
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Defense Ministry: 21 ISIS Also Killed in Fighting
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NATO Blames Russia for ‘Fake News’ Targeting German Troops in Lithuania
Rumors Claimed Soldiers Had Raped a Lithuanian Girl
Pakistan Army: Over 100 ‘Terrorists’ Killed Since Shrine Bombing
Also Claims 'Sizeable' Number of Arrests in Operations
Turkish Strikes Kill 45 Civilians in North Syria Over Last 48 Hours
Observatory: Turkey Has Killed Over 400 Civilians in al-Bab Offensive
Mattis: US, NATO to Escalate Fight Against ISIS
Not Ready to Commit to Specific Recommendation Yet
Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemeni Mourners, Killing 10 Civilians
Second Attack on Funeral Mourners in Recent Days
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Declares NATO to Stand for the Protection of Democracies