Israel Attacks Third UN School in Gaza, Dozens Killed
Shells Pound Girls' School in Refugee Camp
Israel Broadens Targets in Gaza War: 1,360 Killed
UN Reports Soaring Numbers of Refugees as Onslaught Mounts
Senators Say NSA Bill Falls Short on ‘Reform’
Leahy Bill Doesn't Close 'Backdoor' Loophole
ISIS Executes Hundreds in Tikrit Massacre
Many Soldiers Among the Slain Captives
ISIS Video Shows Tikrit Executions, Warns Iraqi Soldiers Face the Same
Film Also Shows Seized US-Made Tanks and Humvees
US Poised to Finalize Record Hellfire Missile Sale to Iraq
5,000 Hellfire Missiles Estimated to Cost $700 Million
Congress Warns Obama Not to Push Israel for Ceasefire
Sen. Kirk: Worth Thousands of Lives to Wipe Out Hamas
Libyan Islamists Overrun Benghazi Special Forces Base
Islamist Bloc Founded to Resist Gen. Hifter Coup
US Won’t Rule Out More Extensions of Iran Negotiations
Declines Congressional Demands to Set Firm Deadline on Iran Talks
US: Ukraine Using Ballistic Missiles Against East
Pentagon Expected to Withhold Evidence