Scottish Minister Reports Informal Talks on Staying in EU
Reports 'Sympathetic Hearing' From EU Members
UK Cabinet Minister: Second Brexit Vote Possible if EU Offers Better Deal
Hunt Sees Room for 'Sensible Compromise' With EU Leadership
UK Labour Party Rebels, Corbyn Faces No-Confidence Vote
150 MPs Expected to Vote Against Corbyn as Shadow Cabinet Resigns
Iraqi Shi’ite Militias Reported Fighting Inside Fallujah
Officials Say No News of New Abuses From Inside City Itself
Eight Suicide Bombers Attack Lebanese Christian Village
Attacks Targeted Area Around Local Church
Welsh Nationalists See Brexit as a Chance to Discuss Secession
Plaid Cymru: Wales Can't Risk Being 'Forgotten Part' of Crumbling UK
Report: US Airstrike Killed Six Hostages in Afghanistan
Pentagon Confirms Investigation Into Weekend Strike
Netanyahu: Gaza Naval Blockade to Continue After Turkey Rapprochement
Insists Blocking Ships From Gaza a 'Supreme Security Interest'
ISIS Kills 42, Mostly Troops, in Southern Yemen Suicide Bombings
Attacks Targeted Southern Port of Mukallah
US Has Trained Less Than 100 Syrians to Fight ISIS
Officials: We're Not Necessarily Training Large Units