Trump: US Has ‘No Choice’ But to Deal With North Korea’s Challenge

Promises Global Unity in Disarming North Korea

In the course of his speech on the National Security Strategy, President Trump offered few specifics, but did take time out to talk up the need to move against North Korea, saying that the US “has no choice” but to deal with North Korea and its “challenge.”

Trump didn’t elaborate on what that would entail, but in past comments has repeatedly lambasted calls for diplomacy with North Korea, while threatening to “totally destroy” the country militarily.

Today’s comments were in a speech where the one recurring theme was protracted US military operations around the world, and promises to increase military spending even further than it already has been to ensure America’s overwhelming superiority.

Trump did claim that the world was united on the need to disarm North Korea, and he expressed confidence that allies would be helping when the US gets around to dealing with North Korea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of