Taliban Destroys Afghan Army Base in Kandahar

Afghan Defense Ministry Says 'Nothing Left' of Base

A major Taliban attack in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province has resulted in the destruction of an entire Afghan Army base, and the deaths of at least 58 Afghan soldiers. The toll is expected to rise with others wounded and six still missing.

The attacks began with the Taliban detonating two armored vehicles full of explosives, causing massive damage. Other Taliban swooped into the base and destroyed everything that was left.

“Unfortunately there is nothing left inside the camp,” the Afghan Defense Ministry confirmed. “They have burned down everything they found inside. This is the latest of several major attacks on Afghan security forces in the past few days.

All involved suicide bombings, and one of the others also involved armored Humvees loaded with explosives. Since these are US-made vehicles, Afghan officials say guards often don’t realize it’s a Taliban attack until it’s too late.

This not only allows the Taliban to conduct very successful sneak attacks, but will likely serve to undermine trust when US troops in armored Humvees are approaching Afghan secure sites, with guards doubtless on edge after so many were killed with the vehicles.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.