Major Taliban Attacks Kill at Least 74 Across Afghanistan

Attacks Target Police Compounds, Training Sites

Major Taliban attacks were carried out in both the Paktia and Ghazni Provinces on Tuesday, killing at least 74 people, mostly police. The attacks targeted police compounds and other government sites.

The largest attack hit a police compound in the Paktia capital of Gardez, killing 41 people, and wounding 158 people, including 110 civilians. The attack involved two car bombings, and five other attacks with suicide belts.

Among the slain were several civilians, but also the Paktia provincial police chief Toryali Abdiani. The large number of wounded civilians were mostly students there to pick up university ID cards.

Taliban attackers in Ghazni used major armored vehicles full of explosives to attack police near the capital building. Death tolls are still a matter of dispute, with Afghan officials putting it around 33, while the Taliban claimed 44 police slain in the attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of