Allies Press Catalan President to Declare Independence

Puigdemont Struggles to Navigate Political Storm.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is struggling to navigate a growing political storm following the suspended declaration of independence and Spain’s issuing of an ultimatum demanding he formally disavow it.

Puigdemont is now facing mounting pressure from his main political allies within Catalonia, who want an immediate declaration of independence without any further delays. Spain has threatened to arrest Puigdemont if he tries to though, and has threatened to seize all of Catalonia under direct rule.

Spain’s ultimatum deadline is fast approaching, and Puigdemont’s call for talks doesn’t seem to be getting much support anywhere, with Spain ruling out talks, and Catalan officials saying there’s nothing left to talk about anyhow.

Some EU officials have cautioned Puigdemont against moving forward, and while that’s apparently raised some hope of mediation talks, it’s not clear there are people interested in attending such talks, even if the EU were to offer.

On October 1, Catalonia voted overwhelmingly in favor of secession, with a high turnout. Spanish police cracked down on the voters, injuring over 800. Spain has insisted the vote doesn’t count, while Catalan voters held massive rallies to protest the violence.

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