US Bombers Fly Over Korean Peninsula in Show of Force

Bombers Conduct First Nighttime Mission With South Korea

A pair of B-1B Lancers, American supersonic nuclear-capable bombers flying out of Guam, carried out their first joint nighttime mission with South Korea over the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday night. The operations included simulated bombings on both sides of the peninsula and a nearly three-hour mission.

The latest in a series of simulated US bombing runs around North Korea, the operation is described as a “show of force” amid ongoing tensions with North Korea. President Trump has repeatedly threatened to destroy North Korea.

US operations out of Guam are particularly provocative, as most suggestions are that a real US attack on North Korea would come from warplanes out of Guam. This means every “exercise” which involves bombers from that area heading to Korea risk being interpreted as a US sneak attack.

Such operations have been happening with increasing frequency over the past several months, as have North Korean missile and nuclear tests. The US has repeatedly ruled out negotiations with North Korea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of