South Korea MP Claims North Korea Hacked War Plans

235 GB of Data Seized Last Year, Including Plans to Assassinate Kim

South Korean MP Rhee Cheol-hee is claiming that North Korean hackers infiltrated his nation’s military network last year, copying 235 GB of sensitive data, including operational plans for the joint US-South Korea attack on North Korea.

Details on what happened are scant, and evidence that this was a real North Korean hack is non-existent so far. The Pentagon expressed confidence that its current plans for attacking North Korea are secure.

It’s not clear if that means the US doesn’t believe the hacking attack, or has simply moved on amid its constant threats of attacking North Korea to new plans, rendering what they had last September obsolete.

It’s not clear how different that plan might be. Rhee suggested that among the plans taken were plans to assassinate Kim Jong-un, a “decapitation” attack that would be part of a full-scale war to conquer North Korea and place it under southern rule.

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