US Targeting ISIS Fighters in Stranded Convoy as They to the Bathroom

US: Hundreds of Civilians Stuck in Buses Are 'Syria's Fault'

The ISIS bus convoy, evacuating fighters and civilians from the Lebanon border, remains stranded in the middle of Syria, with the US insisting all ISIS within must be killed. Eight days in, it’s getting increasingly unpleasant to be stuck in those buses.

US officials have reported that they are now making it a stated policy that every time an ISIS suspect gets out of the bus to pee, if they get too far away from the buses, they’ll be killed. The US is claiming that there’ve been 40 distinct strikes, between people needing to pee and vehicles that got too close to the convoy.

Though a lot of reports suggest that a lot of the ISIS on the buses got away, there are still a ton of civilians within. The US had grudgingly allowed water to be delivered to the buses to avoid the civilians dying of thirst, but has insisted that Syria is totally to blame for their suffering.

Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend says the Syrian government should’ve always known that the US was never going to accept the evacuation, and that in making such a deal they are “letting women and children suffer.”

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