North Korea Warns of Nuclear War If ‘Reckless’ US Drill Leads to Actual Fighting

Sees Wargames 'Adding Fuel to the Fire'

North Korea’s state media warned today that the joint wargames in South Korea, scheduled to begin Monday, are “adding fuel to the fire” of an already tense situation between them and the United States, warning against further “reckless behavior.”

The statement expressed particular concern that the drill would “evolve into actual fighting,” warning that this could quickly lead to a nuclear war, and that the US should not hold on to the fantasy that they can securely have a war “at someone else’s door.”

US officials note this particular wargame is purely defensive in nature, which is actually true. The spring wargame simulates invading North Korea, while this much smaller wargame simulates defending against a North Korean invasion.

The timing of the annual exercise is coincidental, but still very provocative given that not so long ago there was a very serious concern about the US attacking North Korea, and despite assurances from the administration that nuclear war is not “imminent,” it still appears concerningly dangerous that one side or the other will misstep and start a massive war.

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