Tillerson: No ‘Imminent Threat’ of North Korea War

Says Trump Threatens Because North Korea Doesn't Understand Diplomacy

Continuing to make statements that conflict with what everyone else in the administration is saying, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today downplayed the idea of a North Korean war starting any time soon, insisting Americans should “sleep well at night” knowing the situation is well in hand.

This couldn’t be further from the narrative coming out of everyone else, with President Trump threatening “fire and fury” yesterday, and as Defense Secretary James Mattis talked about the total destruction of the North Korean people earlier today.

Tillerson did, at least, appear aware that what he’s saying contradicts what everyone else says, and insisted that the reason President Trump’s talk on North Korea was composed exclusively of threats of a massive war is because the administration believes that North Korea “doesn’t seem to understand diplomatic language.”

President Trump, however, has repeatedly insisted diplomacy in general is a failed policy, and there really hasn’t been an example of the Trump Administration even approaching North Korea with diplomacy in mind, let alone an example of it failing.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.