ISIS Remains a Threat as Returning Residents Find Mosul in Ruins

ISIS Gunmen, Explosives Still Scattered Around City

After repeated declarations of victory, Iraq appears comfortable enough with the situation in Mosul that they’re starting to let civilians back in. 10 months after the city’s invasion began, the residents are finding a city in ruins.

Safety hasn’t returned either, as despite ISIS not actually holding any territory anymore, ISIS gunmen continue to pop out of tunnels fairly regularly and spray gunfire at patrolling soldiers. The military warns part of West Mosul still aren’t safe for civilians.

That’s putting it mildly though, as ISIS gunmen are just the beginning of the situation, with dangerous, half-standing buildings everywhere, and landmines and explosive devices still particularly densely packed in the Old City.

Locals don’t see any real government rebuilding going on, so they’re coming back and trying to get their lives back together and do it themselves. Many, however, fear that it’s a hugely uphill battle, with some saying they think it might be easier to level everything and build a new city from scratch.

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