US Warns That Qatar Crisis Could Drag on for Months

State Dept Officials Fear Situation Could 'Intensify'

With Saudi Arabia’s latest list of demands having come and gone, US officials are increasingly resigned to the Qatar crisis being at an open-ended impasse, with officials expressing concern that it could drag on for additional months.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that the concerns of the US weren’t just about how long it would last, but that there is also a possibility for further escalation by the Saudi-backed nations that are blockading Qatar.

The Trump Administration has struggled with its position on the split, with President Trump initially taking credit for the crisis, while other top officials tried to contain the situation, noting that the US military base in Qatar is vital to America’s ongoing wars in the region.

Officials made no indication how they thought the situation might intensify, and it appears that the Saudis have limited options for any further actions against them, since they imposed the full blockade immediately when the latest row started.

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