Syrian Army: Reaching Iraq Border a ‘Turning Point’ in ISIS War

General Command Warns US Strikes May 'Hinder' Recent Gains

The Syrian Army, backing by Hezbollah fighters, have engaged in a multi-week operation intending to expand their territory in the southeastern deserts of the country, finally managing to reach the Iraqi border, which Syrian General Command presented as a potential “turning point” in the ISIS war.

Officials say the offensive is intended to control strategic areas of desert around the outskirts of ISIS territory, and link up with the Iraqi border, where Shi’ite militias have been active against ISIS in recent weeks. They said this would allow them to “tighten the noose” on ISIS.

At the same time, General Command warned that the US continues to pose a risk to the forces operating in this area near the Iraqi border, as the US has attacked Shi’ite militias in the area a few times recently, and may ultimately “hinder” the gains they’ve made.

The Pentagon has openly talked about increasing their military footprint in the area as a way to prepare to fight the Shi’ite militias, who ironically are considered close allies so long as they’re fighting ISIS inside Iraq, but instantly become enemies when they start fighting ISIS inside Syria.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of