Iran Condemns Terror Attack in Manchester

Says World Needs 'Comprehensive' Approach to Terror, Not Double Standards

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement today condemning last night’s suicide attack at a music concert in Manchester, Britain,, saying it underscores the need for a “comprehensive” approach to eliminating terrorism worldwide.

The statement also faulted the US and Britain for engaging in “artificial alliances,” and for holding different nations to a “double standard,” clearly aimed at drawing a distinction between their cozy ties with Saudi Arabia, the source of much of the funding or ISIS and al-Qaeda, while remaining hostile to Iran irrespective of diplomatic efforts.

ISIS claimed credit for the Manchester attack, though it has yet to be definitively proven they were responsible. Iran has been fighting ISIS forces in both Iraq and Syria in recent years, supporting the Shi’ite governments there against the Sunni Islamists.

Western nations, and the US and Britain in particular, have a hard time reconciling their mutual hostility for Iran and ISIS, and often try to falsely draw connections, blaming Iran for regional terrorism despite Iran being squarely aligned against ISIS from the start.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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