Iraq, Syria Discuss Direct Military Cooperation Against ISIS

Iraq, Syria Discuss Direct Military Cooperation Against ISIS | Iraqi Ambassador in Damascus to visit Assad

Iraq’s Ambassador Faleh al-Fayad is in Damascus today to discuss the possibility of a broad direct military cooperation with the Syrian government in their ongoing war against ISIS. Fayad has been meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

There have been proposals for direct cooperation in the past, mostly initiated by Russia, though they have usually fallen apart pretty early in the face of US opposition. The US continues to seek regime change in Syria, which makes their position on ISIS in Iraq and ISIS in Syria a bit different.

It may be more likely now, however, with Iraq running out of specific ISIS-held territory within to contest, and having already shown interest in attacking ISIS targets across eastern Syria. Iraq has launched airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria in the past.

Iraqi Shi’ite militias have already been heading into Syria to fight ISIS there, and a lot of those militias are nominally under the charge of the Iraqi government. While Iraq and Syria are not close allies, the fact that both governments are Shi’ite dominated connects them, particularly in this increasingly sectarian war.

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  • wars r u.s.

    We can’t have that. ISIS would be gone if we would just butt out.

    • Luchorpan

      But where would we spend our trillions?

      Amazing how Antiwar struggles to raise a mere 80K per quarter when so much is wasted.

      • Tinagmaxwell

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  • Bianca

    The bombing was to prevent Syria and Iraq secure their common border crossing at Tanf. The joke is trying to define the reason for bombing — one was found. We are protecting our partners! Hillary would be proud! A “partner” happens to be a particularly vicious cult, whom we have rebranded “Free Syria Army”. We have become a joke.

    I would only stress that the only reason this is a “sectarian” conflict is the fact that we, the US want it to be. We are pumping up, protecting and funding Sunni CULTS to kill Shia, Christians and all Sunnis that do not bow to the sect. Saudi Arabia is open and vicious supporter of killing Shia people — be that in Yemen, Bahrain or Syria, and is cheerfully supporting Israel’s taking shots at Lebanon Shia militia — Hezbollah. And not to mention what an orgy of head chopping they engage in their own country any time a Shia dares to speak.

    Look at the leadership of Sunnis, Shia and Christians in Damascus — they are all united in their opposition to Sunni cults — none of them wants to accept their barbaric religion. They all support Assad. Why are young Sunnis THE MAJORITY in Assad’s army. Because they know they have most to lose, as they are the core of Syria’s middle class. Russia and other countries would not support Assad if he were a lose cannon, or abusing his population. He would not be suported by other countries, if he were not highly supported by Syrians. Our lame stream media never show a glimpse of his real standing in his country, and particularly avoid showing his wife, a Harvard educated investment banker, that married a physician — and did not plan on being demonized by neocon media. Truth is hard to hide. This jeans wearing young mother is active in helping prople cope with the war. She and her husband visiited people that survived massacres, churches that are open again.

    But our steadfast support of the barbarian cults is giving them encouragement to continue massacres of Shia and Christians.

    It is not right and it is very deceptive to call it “increasingly” sectarian war. Just the opposite — the longer the war lasts, the more everyone is comming together against West supported Saudi spawned cults.

    Turkey, a Sunni country, Iran, a Shia country and Russia, a Christian country have come together to come up with a plan for restoring peace. Russia has more then 20 million Moslems, majority Sunni, Iran has a sizeable Sunni minority, and Turkey a Shia minority. Those Moslems are very much in favor of restoring peace, and not giving armed terrorists — calling themselves opposition, any rights to make demands. Egypt, a large Sunni country supports Syrian government.

    What I do nit understand is the following. Where are we going with this? We can bomb Syrian advance to their border, but we cannot stop Iraqis to reach the border, and even go inside Syrian territory and meet up with Syrian forces.

    It is clear that this manuever is designed to link up two armies, preventing terrorist influx ftom Jordan to go to the aid of terrorists further east. Jordanian base of supplies of weapons would be cut off. The same maneuver happened at Al-Bab when Turkish and Syrian forces met up, preventing Afrin Kurds from linking up with Kobani Kurds.

    It remains to be seen if US has control over Iraqi operations. The way ghings were going for a while is, teo steps forward agains ISIS, followed by one step back due to US complicating the process. But the proccess still is grinding ISIS and their “vetted” brethern down. Soon, there will be nobody to support, other then weak and not desirable “liberators”, Kurds. What then, another Iraq?