Syria Denies US Allegation They Are Cremating Prisoners

Says US Is Lying to Justify Intervention

Yesterday’s allegations from the US State Department that Syria had built a large crematorium outside of Damascus and was using it to mass cremate the detainees they also claim Syria to be mass executing came with a conspicuous lack of evidence for any of the assertions, boiling down to satellite images of the outside of the putative crematorium.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has now issued a statement insisting the US allegations, which again weren’t based on any evidence, weren’t true at all, both denying that they are mass executing prisoners and that they are cremating this huge number of bodies being alleged.

State Department officials making the allegations yesterday conceded that the timing was primarily related to the recent visit of Russia’s Foreign Minister to the US, and followed it by claiming Russia must be “endorsing” the killings that they offered no evidence were happening in the first place.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry presented the “American lies” as having been produced primarily to justify continued “aggression and interventionism” within Syria, likening the narrative to the script of a Hollywood movie, a narrative intended to move US action along.

That is, of course, roughly in keeping with the way the US has justified myriad of its military operations. Though it’s impossible to rule out the State Department’s accusations being true, it’s difficult to treat them as credible in the absence supporting evidence.

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  • ton

    This accusation could be quite easily rebutted if the Syrian government were to invite the accusers, Amesty, and/or the international press to visit and inspect the site.

    • J C

      it could be but the US would never allow anything independent of neocon belligerence to check these accusations out

    • wars r u.s.

      Like we do any time we are accused of committing another war crime? Or are denials only legitimate coming from the “good guys”?

  • unam_sanctum

    This type of yellow journalism happened in the 1940s.
    Have you heard of Sefton Delmer ?

    • outer_rl

      Have you heard of Alastair Campbell?

  • Vish

    Kuwaiti Incubator Babies; Saddam Hussein’s “people shredder” (not to mention Weapons of Mass Destruction); Muammar Ghadaffi’s “viagra-fueled rape troops.”

    These are all atrocity lies that America has peddled in the past to justify its wars of aggression against other nations.

    I would be surprised if this latest accusation against Syria is not another shining example to add this exemplary list.

    You also have to also admire the Holocausty connotations to this accusation.

    Big props.

  • charles rotmil

    why lies? is this so hard to believe from a man Assad who is said to have killed over 200,000 Syrian civilians? He is one of the most responsible for fleeing refugees. He bombs civilian neighborhoods and uses gas that burned adults and children seen from videos. Why is Anti War so suspect about someone identifies by Genocide Emergency as a contributor to slaughter? Why doubt this? Why defend Assad? I don’t understand you.
    My father died in a gas chamber in 1943. It is no surprise to me. But why is news site like yours defending this murderer or doubt that he maybe one?

    • Joao Alfaiate

      Not only is the crematorium story a lie aimed at getting the US to attack Syria for israel’s benefit, but it will soon come out that the Sarin attack was a false flag operation with bogus information about Syrian government involvement coming directly from the apparat of Zionist enterprise to Jared Kushner who, with his wife, convinced The Donald to bomb Syria. Think Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith and Saddam’s WMD!

      Nice that you brought up the Holocaust (TM) tho to give your post that feeling of sincerity and authenticity.

    • outer_rl

      Why do we need evidence to back up accusations intended to provoke a war? Because if you attack a country based on lies, you’re no different to those nazis you like to invoke.