Trump Extends Order Condemning ‘Brutal’ Assad Regime

Says Syria an 'Unusual and Extraordinary Threat' to the US

President Trump today extended the ‘National Emergency Declaration’ related to Syria, which has existed since 2004 and was initially imposed related to the US occupation of neighboring Iraq. The declaration claims Syria’s government an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States and allows the president to impose certain unilateral actions against them, mostly sanctions.

While previous extensions have mostly come and gone with little fanfare, President Trump really played up the idea, declaring the Assad government to be a “brutal regime” and rehashing previous US allegations that they’d used chemical weapons.

While Trump’s statement suggested more sanctions are to be imposed soon, as with previous such declarations the reality is that the US already has such comprehensive sanctions in place on the Syrian government there is very little more that could conceivably be done.

US law grants the president massive unilateral “emergency” power if he informs Congress that a nation poses an “unusual and extraordinary threat,” and the virtual lack of oversight means that it has become neither unusual nor extraordinary for presidents to pin this label on every nation that they decide is an enemy.

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  • survivor

    Where is hypocrite Trump’s order condemning brutal Saudi regime?

    • 101Truth101

      AGREED, and so very easily overlooked by the leadership of both political parties is USA-led BRUTAL and ILLEGAL BOMBING OF A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY in 1999. What gives ?

    • tom

      Are you serious? Syria is the threat here? You mean the nation that the USA has attacked by proxy forces for FIVE years now is the “threat” here? The man I voted for for President is now making me sick to my stomach! Thousands of innocent defenseless people have been slaughtered by Israeli/USA/Saudi-supported “terrorists” and Syria is the “threat”? How sickening! I would like to take whoever it is guiding Trump down this warpath behind the woodshed for a good sound beating! What a disgrace the USG has become to ALL good patriotic Americans who abide by the Constitution and expect our “leaders” to do the same. Just where is this evidence that Syria is such a threat, Herr Trump?

      • wootendw

        “Are you serious? Syria is the threat here?”

        ‘survivor’ did not say Syria was threat. He said the SAUDI REGIME (which ‘we’ support) is brutal.

  • Gary Sellars

    Uh’muricanz going full retard as usual…

  • Winston Smith

    So it is no change,

    The same aggressive policies pursued tthrough Bush Jun., Ovama and now Trump, This “Finding” was originally raised in 2014.

    He has used this to arm American controlled paramilitaries to attack the city of Raqqa.

  • chris chuba

    So Trump proves himself a liar just like previous U.S. Presidents. How has Syria ever harmed or threatened to harm the U.S.? He is reaffirming a lie.

  • wootendw

    The president’s attitude towards the Assad government is worrisome but it would be even more worrisome if Trump said something good about Assad. If he did, another false flag CW event would quickly ensue.