Syrian Warplanes Attack Rebel Outposts Near Jordan Border

Rebels Respond by Firing Rockets at Military Airport

Rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions along the Syria-Jordan border reported that they were hit with four airstrikes by Syrian warplanes overnight, the first time they’ve been directly targeted in the area in awhile. The rebels responded with rocket fire at a military airport nearby.

There was no report from the rebels of casualties from the strikes, and instead they focused on complaining that the strike was at targets that were 5 miles away from a refugee camp, though of course the camp itself wasn’t hit, or even close to it.

The Syrian government apparently also gave neighboring Jordan advanced notice of this latest attack, though they appear to have skimped on the details, just telling Jordan not to send any troops into Syria.

The rebels in the area mostly just control the border region itself, though they occasionally contest some of the southern Iraq/Syria border with ISIS. That they sometimes fight ISIS is also being used by the rebels to present the Syrian strike as “helping ISIS.”

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  • keith

    What Ditz “forgot” to mention here is that these “Rebels” are Isis cutthroat mercenaries that is part of a larger group that US, israel and saudi barbaria is amassing in Jordan. With the intention to cement Israel’s occupation of Golan and take the rest of it too, along with a “buffer zone” stretching to the outskirts of Damascus from were they can continue to threaten and bleed Syria.

    • I doubt that he “forgot” your theory. He just “remembered” that his job is to report the news rather than to evangelize for that theory.

  • Gary Sellars

    Good news, kill the terrorist scum

    • This is an antiwar site, not an “antiwar except war on people we don’t like” site.