Saudi Arabia, US in Talks on Billions in Arms Sales

Trump Wants to Finalize Deals Before Visit to Saudi Kingdom

Reports from US officials familiar with the situation say that the Trump Administration is working to push through billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia in the next week or two, with an eye toward having the pacts finalized before Trump’s visit to Riyadh later this month.

Massive civilian death tolls in the Saudi war in Yemen have led some in Congress, as well as a number of human rights groups, to push the US and Saudi Arabia’s other arms dealers to cut back on certain sales related to the war for fear they involve the commission of war crimes.

President Obama had willingly limited the sales a little bit at the very end of his administration, though President Trump has since moved to reverse that, insisting that it would “repair” the relationship damaged by the extremely limited moves by his predecessor to limit the Saudis’ slaughter in Yemen.

With the Saudis looking to spend ever more on war, and the Pentagon looking to join in on the Yemen attack, the Trump Administration appears all too eager to look the other way of the matter of a few thousand civilians killed here or there, particularly if it means he can brag up billions in new sales during his upcoming visit.

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  • EME

    USG economy is supported by the sale of illegal drugs and arms.
    Most of its legitimate industry has long since departed for countries
    where cheap labor can be exploited.

  • unam_sanctum

    The Houthis must lay down their arms and ask for peace talks immediately,
    there is absolutely no way they can win.

    • John Ellis

      The Houthi government has the full support of the people, surely days are numbered for the Saudi dictators.

      • wars r u.s.

        The people will be dead by mass starvation. There is no end to the ruthlessness of their enemy.

  • wars r u.s.

    We are wretched. At least the government who is doing this s**t in our name is wretched. I don’t know if that absolves us or makes us complicit.

  • John Ellis

    Trading Western war materials for Middle-East oil, what does that have to do with the Israel invasion and plunder of Palestine? Enough said.

  • Distressed7

    The United States…my nation is so evil….nothing here is based on truth. It is a hideous propaganda ridden betrayal. A Satanic ugly mess.

  • novembersneverending

    I hope these negotiations don’t come with the USA being blackmailed to involve itself more in Syria against Russian objectives there, since it’s hard for any nation to give up on the kind of deals the Saudis and gcc countries are known for.

  • survivor

    What about the little babies Trump? Your best friends in that brutal regime, worse than Assad, are slaughtering tens of thousands of people in Yemen a country that did not attack Saudi Arabia. Like Obama and his minions you and your minions now have blood on your hands up to your shoulders.