US Dropping Bombs Quicker Than They Can Be Replaced

US Air Wars Literally Unsustainable

Massive air wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are just the beginning of the story for the United States military, with regular strikes in places like Somalia and Yemen, and constant risks of the US launching a massive war on North Korea at any moment. That’s a lot of bombs being dropped, and mostly in open-ended conflicts.

A year ago, the Pentagon was warning that it was forced to raid its world-wide stockpiles of bombs because they were using so many. Now,, they’re running through those too, and are using smart-bombs faster than they can buy them from massive US arms makers.

That’s a big problem for the Pentagon, because as already the biggest consumer of bombs on the planet by far, there isn’t exactly a ton of leftover capacity for them to draw on. That makes the US air wars literally unsustainable at current levels, because there just aren’t enough bombs on the planet to supply them all.

Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris told Congress that the bombs are absolutely critical, citing the wars in the Middle East, and also for use “against North Korea.” While this is probably to mean more funding for bombs,, it’s not at all clear that even those huge US arms makers can produce all the bombs that the Pentagon intends to use, let alone enough to keep up the pace at which it’s already using.

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  • unam_sanctum

    As the GOP moves to strip 20 million Americans of health care, they mightily increase spending on the weapons of war. When will Americans learn that both parties are corrupt shams ?

    • eric

      But Trump supporters voted for a change that insinuated we were going to mind our own business . You are absolutely right the parties did this to us . The Media and the NWO has control of all the levers . We can’t vote them out of office . We can’t stop our terrorist planes , we can’t bring our boys home . In this democracy the people do not run this country . We can’t even get a straight answer on what health care costs , They can’t decide what the bill should be . So how can we pay our healthcare costs

      • unam_sanctum

        They don’t want solutions, they want your money.

        • eric

          You recall proposition 8 in California where people voted on issues . We need a few national referendums on airplanes bombing foreign lands , troops in foreign countries , What is foreign aid ? is it food shipments or military hardware . our own healthcare such as medicare for everyone . Your absolutely right they never solve the simple problems but just keep taking our money . How the hell can we stop them , they can’t even solve simple problems fighting the way they do about every thing .

          • unam_sanctum

            We can’t and won’t stop them. The only alternative is to leave or tolerate it.

      • dieter heymann

        What happened with Trump is classic. If you want to change the direction of the country you must first build a large cadre of dedicated and expert political coworkers with no hacks before you act. Lenin knew that. Trump did not. His campaign was premature. His numerous hire-then-replace occasions show exactly why he failed. He did not have a large dedicated and loyal cadre but too many hacks. They were not hired by the Democratic party or the Media or the NWO. They were hired by him and his cronies.
        In January 2009 Obama did have a staff dedicated to overcome the terrible depression. Interestingly several in his team were Republican holdovers.
        If you are looking for explanations of Trump’s change you are looking in the wrong direction. The place to look at is Mar a Lago, the Winter Palace of an impostor.

    • eric

      We knew The NWO democrats were running against the NWO republicans . Trump indicated a different course of old fashioned nationalism . Now he seems to have switched to the same as what all the other candidates were . Only difference he is a lot less polite about it

      • dieter heymann

        Quote: “Trump indicated a different course of old fashioned nationalism”. Yes, but only to get elected. Nothing new there.

  • wars r u.s.

    When you let your generals and retired generals and wannabe generals run the country for you this is what you get.

  • David Hall

    I think it was the great Ted Rall who advised dropping BMWs on the terrorists instead of bombs, BMWs are cheaper and will work to subvert the terrorist to our luxurious Western Lifestyle. And as long as Fox is dropping bums they could aim a few at al-Shabaab down Somalia way…