Russia: US Missile Deployments in Poland, Romania Violate Arms Treaty

Foreign Ministry: Deployment a 'Gross Violation' of Intermediate Forces Nuclear Treaty

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement this weekend warning that US deployments of $800 million worth of missile defense system into Poland and Romania amount to a “gross violation” of the Intermediate Forces Nuclear Treaty, which the US and Soviet Union reached in the 19800s.

The US has long tried to dismiss this complaint by insisting that the missile defense system wasn’t targeting Russia, long presenting it as aimed at Iran, despite being wholly outside of the range of even Iran’s most advanced missiles. Russian officials say the letter of the treaty is very clear, and the deployments amount to an attempt to weaken the Russian arsenal.

The US has accused Russia of violating the treaty with its own deployments of missiles in recent years, though as yet it appears unclear if the Russian missiles are nuclear-armed, and some have indicated that Russia has attempted to stay just barely within the terms of the treaty, while trying to counterbalance the US deployments.

This has been a recurring problem with modernizing the nuclear treaties, as the territory split in Europe is vastly different than it was during the Cold War, and the US has sought to outright avoid any deal which puts the missile defense systems explicitly within the treaties’ attempts to ensure a balance of force.

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  • Claus-Erik Hamle

    648 missiles in Poland and Romani and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean “to defend us from Iran”. From something Iran doesn´t have and isn´t working to get ??? Missile engineer Bob : “Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike.” What do the bloody fools in the Pentagon expect? Of course, Russia will deploy Launch On Warning. Suicidal, stupid bloody fools in Pentagon/NATO.

    • Eileen Kuch

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Claus-Erik .. You nailed it perfectly. 648 missiles in Poland and Romania and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean “to defend us from Iran”? You’re right .. what a joke! Iran doesn’t have nukes, never did. These lunatics in the Pentagon know darn well what country all of those missiles are targeted at .. Right! Russia!
      I agree 100% .. What do those bloody fools in the Pentagon expect? Of course, Russia will deploy Launch on Warning. Suicidal bloody fools in Pentagon/NATO are worse than stupid, they’re retarded.

  • ALEXANDRU Nemoianu

    What is new/ The USA never respect treaties.Russia should use the most brutal forms against the rogue state that USA become.

    • unam_sanctum

      Not yet. Russia can focus on strengthening the EAEU as a counterpoint against NATO.

      • EAGLE

        Russia has violated the treaty by stationing a ballistic missile system in the Kallingrad.It has violated the agreement by invading Ukraine who had nuclear weapons but,gave them up because Russia signed a treaty to respect it’s soveirnty.To all you supposed antiwar people commenting that Russia should strike the USA think of what you are asking Russia to do.I can guarantee you in a war between NATO and Russia there will be no winners.USA

        • If Russia invaded Ukraine, how come we never heard about it?

          • curmudgeonvt

            You obviously don’t get your “news” from Faux News.

          • EAGLE

            That one’s simple it’s the same reason why nothing was posted on this site about Russia’s bear bombers flying in America and Canada’s ADIZ this is an anti America site that is biased and only reports on what the USA does but,nothing on what our adversaries do…I’M SURE YOU KNEW THAT MR.KNAPP.USA

          • The last time you tried to pull the “only reports about what the USA does” scam, I pointed out that the majority of news stories for the day here were about what countries other than the US were doing.

            Do we need to go through that again?

            I don’t know who “our adversaries” are. Perhaps you are affiliated with one of the overgrown street gangs that call themselves “governments” and need to signal your loyalty to the gang? I’m not and don’t.

        • Jeffrey Fein

          All “Rah rah USA!” Kool-Aid all the time.

          (The Russians helped the Crimeans conduct a referendum — permitted by constitutionally-codified Crimean autonomy — regarding the question of leaving Ukraine. The Crimeans then voted overwhelmingly first to leave Ukraine, and then to join Russia. Maddeningly, for the Neocon regime-change criminals who wanted to take over all of Ukraine for the US Imperium, the electoral process thoroughly legitimized Crimea’s return to mother Russia. Russia/Putin defeated the Imperium’s Neocon criminals and got Crimea back without firing a shot, without so much as a paper cut. That’s strategic mastery: winning with brains alone, without resort to violence.)

          Really “Eagle” you should take your Kool-Aod boosterism to Yahoo! comments or some other home for the fact-disinterested and reality-unacquainted.

          • EAGLE

            Yes strategic mastery.NATO on it’s borders,a ruble that’s worthless outside of Russia,a leader that never leaves power,and Putin the spy master just got his worst nightmare elected.Hahaha…You’re the one drinking the kool-aid.Who to believe a bunch of cheer leaders routeing for America ‘s adversaries or my lying eyes.USA

  • This is an overture to re-negotiate a treaty or at the very least, sit down and establish a baseline. It will be more or less ignored.

  • Claus-Erik Hamle

    The problem is that very few people have heard of European Phased Adaptive Approach-the 648 missiles in Eastern Europe and on 32 ships. It´s NOT in the news. It´s hardly mentioned at all. Now 4 ships are stationed in Cadiz. The warheads on Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 are designed to minimize Nuclear Winter Effects if used against missile silos according to Professor Paul Rogers. Most importantly, the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to research by missile engineer Bob He resigned and wrote The Counterforce Syndrome, First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy For Nuclear War, Nuclear Empire among others. Unfortunately, this has happened many times. Now and then we blow it all up and the few survivors in the mountains forget everything. 27 times all-out nuclear war-or more ? The oldest find is 2.8 billion years-old. However, somebody made it !