Israel Attacks Syrian Arms Depot Near Damascus Airport

Israel Reports Drone Shot Down Over Occupied Golan Heights

Israel has carried out another major overnight attack on Syria today, going after an arms depot near the Damascus airport, which they say was a site which Iranian weapons were delivered to. Iranian cargo planes had reportedly arrived at the airport shortly before the attack.

Five airstrikes hit the site, leading to explosions and a fire. No casualties have been reported so far, and Israeli officials offered a rare confirmation for the attack, saying it was “in keeping with” Israeli policy. Israel, of course, attacks Syria regularly, but rarely confirms them publicly.

Following the attack, Israel also reported that they had shot down a drone which entered the airspace over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. They said the drone came from Syrian airspace, but there is as yet no indication whose drone it actually was, or what it was doing.

Israel’s attacks tend to center around Syrian military weaponry which they think might be transferred to Hezbollah, with the official narrative being that the arms would be used against Israel the next time they decide to invade Lebanon. In practice, however, Hezbollah forces in Syria are focusing primarily on fighting against ISIS, which has led Syria to complain that the Israeli strikes are being done to assist ISIS.

Jane’s recent report is likely to add to that, cautioning that any actions taken to undermine the Assad government and its allies would necessarily substantially benefit ISIS. While the Jane’s report focused on the US attacks, it is every bit as true of strikes from other nations.

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  • Terrorists helping terrorists in the name of fighting “terrorists”. Ain’t the Middle East grand?

    • Halit

      So simplistic answer from the asshole.

      • That’s me, the asshole. At least I’m not the bigot. Viva Rojava.

  • Andrew_Nichols

    How much longer before Syria get hold of the latest Russian anti aircraft capabilities?

  • J C

    where is russia where is iran to protect syrain arms shipments…?

  • survivor

    Syria sure has some sh*tty air defense systems. They just love getting bombed by Israel without any retaliation.

  • Mark Thomason

    The Israelis will keep pushing until somebody stops them. Who, and how, is the open question. For a very long time it has not been the US.

    • Luchorpan

      They should be allowed to attack. And we should be gone from the area. Let them all fight to their hearts’ content. It’s nothing to do with us. Russia/Syria/Iran would just step in to stop them.

      The powers will balance without us.

      And if the Kurds want a state, let them fight Turkey. We should be out of NATO also. Everything is better without the US in the picture.

      • Eileen Kuch

        I agree. If the USA does leave NATO, that terrorist organization will dissolve on its own. Certainly, the European members won’s stay in NATO, either, should the USA leave. Actually, it would benefit both the USA and Europe to dissolve NATO .. There would then be an end to the illegal perpetual wars of aggression (which the West are losing anyway) and better relations with Russia and China.

  • armdkny

    WTH?? Shoot them down!!

    • What makes you think they wouldn’t, if they could?

      • armdkny

        What are the S-300 and S-400 systems doing there, collecting dust??

        • How should I know?

          For at least 2-3 years now, every time the US or Israel bombs Syria, I see a whole bunch of chest-thumping about “just wait until those Russian missiles are deployed — they won’t be doing THAT any more!”

          Then they do THAT some more.

          It seems to me there are several possibilities:

          1) The Syrians never actually got the S-300/400s; or

          2) The Syrians are unwilling to use the S-300/400s for some reason unrelated to their efficacy; or

          3) The S-300/400s are pieces of junk that fizzle on the pads or miss their targets; or

          4) The S-300/400s are great missiles, but the US/Israeli countermeasures are better; or

          5) The S-300/400s have actually shot down a number of planes but that fact has been successfully suppressed such that the reports don’t reach us.

          There are probably some others that haven’t occurred to me yet. If I was betting, I’d bet on (3), but I’m biased on the subject.

          • Johnson11b

            Israel doesn’t want weapons going to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
            Neither does Russia. Russia wants the weapons in Syria to help Assad.
            If Israel & Russia agree that certain weapons are going to Lebanon, Russia lets Israel destroy those weapons.

        • btdt100

          Russia told Israel they would not interfere in that game.

  • RobSa

    So the west pays to fight ISIS while Israel assists ISIS. That is one ugly racket.

    • Luchorpan

      Ironically we seem to want to fight Assad too…

    • nhmakingwaves

      Talk about job security for military contractors…

    • Johnson11b

      Israel is not assisting ISIS.

      • Eileen Kuch

        How so, doofus? Any Israeli attacks on Syria benefit ISIS .. Therefore, Israel’s assisting ISIS, its creation (along with the CIA).

  • Steve Naidamast

    Israel is attempting to provoke Syria into a military response, which Russia is advising not to do for this very reason; Syria does not need a war with Israel.

    When Russia believes Syria is ready to do so, Syrian Forces will begin shooting down Israeli aircraft as they have done so already but more provocatively. Russia will tell Israel that any invasion of Syria will be met with a deadly response.

    This is the pattern I see President Putin following.

    However, Israel possibly believes that due to its meetings between Putin and Netanayu in Moscow that they sre somehow immune to a Russian response.

    According to a report by Israel Shamir many months ago, such meetings are not garnering the actual support that Israel believes it has with Russia. In other words, Israel is overplaying its hand with Russia…