US Test-Fires Long-Range, Nuke-Capable ICBM

Missile Fired From California, Flew 4,000 Miles

Everywhere and (mostly) without exception, the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) would be angrily condemned by the United States has a dangerous provocation, and the firing of a nuclear-capable ICBM would be treated as tantamount to an act of war.

Not today, of course, when the missile in question was test-fired from California by the United States, flying some 4,000 miles before hitting a test target near the Marshall Islands. The missile was identified as a Minuteman III, a nuclear-capable weapon which the US has 450 of in service.

Officials with Space Wing command insisted that the test-firing was necessary to “demonstrate” America’s massive nuclear capabilities. Even before the $1 trillion expected to be spent on “upgrades,” the US has the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal, capable of engaging in an extinction-level war.

That the Pentagon openly admitted the test was a show of force is particularly hypocritical, given how every test by regional rivals, even if it’s just to try to see if a new design works, is presented by the US as an unconscionable act. This appears more or less to be a direct provocation, designed to underscore America’s ability to wipe out much of the planet, amid growing concerns about aggressive US warfare.

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  • deganawida


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    • EAGLE

      Definition of hypocrisy this supposed anti-war site that’s biased and only reports on actions the U.S military makes and doesn’t mention when it’s adversaries do the same thing.USA

      • Bob Kaczynski

        I agree completely with your view,
        this is an Anti America site (Sponsored Propaganda, not a Thoughtful pro Peace site)
        I usually Avoid it as it is a Forum for Hateful anti American PROPAGANDA.

      • Just because you ignore all the stories that don’t fit your narrative, that doesn’t mean the stories don’t exist.

        Of the three “breaking news stories” at the top of’s home page right now, one concerns the US.

        In the news section on the front page of, there’s a section on Iraq with three stories, none of which are US-related.

        Four of the five stories in the Syria section are not US-related.

        Of the five stories in the Israel/Palestine section, one mentions a US-made missile, and that’s the only US angle.

        In the Middle East section, one of the two stories is about Qatar, the other is about Turkey, and none is about the US.

        The France section, unsurprisingly, includes three stories about France and none about the US.

        Europe section: Zero of five stories are about the US.

        Koreas section: Six stories. Unsurprisingly, since the US looks like it may be about to got to war with North Korea, five of the six are partially about the US.

        China/Taiwan/Hong Kong section: One of the four stories does have a passing US angle.

        Asia: None of the six stories are about the US.

        Africa: Three stories, none about the US.

        The Americas: Even on its own side of the planet, only one of two stories has anything to do with the US.

        Mexico: Nope, nothing about the US.


    Funny how this made it to a top headline on anti-war but still no mention of the intrusion into Canada’s and America ‘s airspace by Russian Bear bombers also capable of delivering a nuke.Hmmm…It happened for times but,was mentioned zero times on this supposed anti-war site.I wonder why???

    • wars r u.s.

      Are you sure that isn’t ADIZ and not sovereign airspace?

    • Actually it happened zero times. The Russian planes entered an Air Defense Identification Zone, not Canadian or US airspace. Not unusual for foreign powers to ignore ADIZ demands. For example, the US ignores the ADIZ that China has declared around the Spratly Islands.

      • EAGLE

        Okay I get your point but I’ve read on this site a story about USA sails thru South China Sea freedom of navigation exercise angers China.Why was that good enough to make it on your site,yet Russia doing the same thing in America and Canadian ADIZ wasn’t?All I’m saying is this is an Anti-war site so all hostile actions from all countries should be reported on in that context if it’s truly peace this site is advocating for.USA

        • wars r u.s.

          You should take your own advice. You don’t seem to be bothered by USA!USA! hostile actions but you certainly have problems with Russia in particular.

          • EAGLE

            I think I referenced China in the South China Sea but,pointed to how an adversary of America got a free pass on this site…Ain’t no favorite’s when we’re advocating for peace right?I mean honestly is it a coincidence America responds with a Minute Man 3 Test that proves a simple point it has the capability after Russia’s intrusion.The U.S deploys THAAD anti-missile defense in South Korea,China responds with it’s first ever home made aircraft carrier show casing it’s capability.Global chess my friends.USA

          • More like global CandyLand.

        • If you’re interested in reporting stuff, work on your writing skills and start submitting the articles you want to see.

  • Bob Van den Broeck

    Yeah but did it even get close to it’s target. From the Syria attack we can see that US technology sucks. 23 of 59 Tomahawks hit there mark. Lousy stats

  • Andrew_Nichols

    Will there be warnings and sanctions to follow or are those only reserved for small terrorist states not large terrorist states?